Better Reading and Writing Progress

Years/Age range


Type of children

Low attainment

Child/Adult ratio


Length of intervention

20 minutes a day for 14-15 weeks

Brief description

This intervention, developed in Leicester, is for pupils in Y1-7 who have made a start on reading and writing but are experiencing difficulties. It was adapted from approaches used by Reading Recovery and Better Reading Partnership. It is built around the needs of the pupil and promotes

  • Phonics and phonological awareness
  • Language skills and comprehension
  • Effective reading behaviours when reading texts
  • Writing skills
  • Enjoyment of reading.

It is usually delivered by TAs, who attend 3 days of training, and receive ongoing support. They have 10 minutes after each lesson to reflect and plan the next day’s lesson. Emphasis is placed on involving parents in their child’s reading, and there is a range of resources to promote home reading.


For comprehension in Y1-6: useful to remarkable

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