Everyone Can Read

Years/Age range

Y6 about to enter Y7

Type of children

Reading age more than two years below chronological age

Child/Adult ratio


Length of intervention

2-week summer school

Brief description

Section 1 of this scheme is a three-phase sequential phonics programme. Phase 1 covers short vowel sounds, single consonants, initial and final consonant clusters, and simple prefixes and suffixes. Phase 2 covers long vowel sounds and further prefixes and suffixes. Phase 3 covers difficult long vowel sounds and syllable work. Teacher’s manuals and pupil workbooks are supported by a range of integrated reinforcement activities. Section 2 is a sight vocabulary programme. Basic sight vocabulary is taught thoroughly and concurrently with Phonics Phases 1 and 2. The aim is to teach pupils to recognise by sight, and spell, the 400 most common words found in children’s literature. Section 3 involves more advanced activities and covers syllables and word meanings.


Remarkable for reading accuracy, comprehension and spelling for pupils at primary/secondary transition

Further information



This entry is based on the evaluation which produced the effectiveness statement. The scheme is now in use within primary and secondary schools, where the intended adult/ child ratio is 1:4 and the length of the intervention is one term.