Units of Sound

Years/Age range


Type of children

Identified as having dyslexia

Child/Adult ratio

1:1 plus computer work

Length of intervention

20 weeks

Brief description

Units of Sound is a structured, cumulative and multi-sensory computer-based programme that has been developed to teach reading and spelling. It combines the benefits of independent work on a computer with guidance from a teacher or TA. It is intended to build reading accuracy, vocabulary, spelling, sentence writing skills, automaticity, listening skills, memory, visual skills and comprehension. The programme uses revisiting, or ‘spiral learning’ to introduce and then further develop literacy skills. The scheme is designed for students from age 7 to adults, and is used in all types of mainstream and independent schools and colleges. Since 2005, Dyslexia Action has used Units of Sound as a core component of its Partnership for Literacy (P4L) school intervention projects. In P4L, a Dyslexia Action teacher works alongside teachers and TAs, using apprenticeship training as a way of embedding good practice within the school. The early P4Ls were in primary schools, with secondary school projects starting in 2010.


For reading accuracy and spelling in Y2-5: useful to remarkable

For reading accuracy in Y7-9: remarkable

Further information