Personalised Learning for Reading

Years/Age range

Y1, Y3

Type of children

Those identified as working towards L1 in reading. Many had SEN and/or had complex needs such as ADHD, autism, dyslexia, or speech and language difficulties and/or were unsure of basic aspects of literacy, e.g. letter knowledge, concepts of print.

Child/Adult ratio


Length of intervention

12 weeks; 15 minutes a day

Brief description

All the teaching sessions are driven by a detailed analysis of each pupil’s literacy abilities, and involve ongoing assessment. This enables informed decisions to be made about the specific small steps focus of each session. The teaching is highly structured, specifically targeted, and interactive. Books are integral to the programme, with new books specifically chosen for each pupil with particular regard to the child’s interests and level.


For comprehension in Y1 and Y3: substantial

Further information