Sound Training

Years/Age range

Y3-6, Y9-11

Type of children

Mixed-ability mainstream pupils, none statemented but with reading ages between 1 and 3 years below chronological age.

Child/Adult ratio


Length of intervention

Primary: 8 weeks, 45 minutes per week.
Secondary: 6 weeks, one hour per week.

Brief description

The scheme is very intensive and repetitive using multi-sensory teaching methods. The pupils are explicitly taught syllabification, and are given instruction on short and long vowel sounds along with an explanation of open and closed syllables. In each session they work on reading and spelling syllables, building words from syllables, speed reading, and prefixes, suffixes and root words. All tasks must be completed accurately, fluently and automatically in order to progress.


For reading accuracy in Y3-6 and Y10-11: remarkable
For reading accuracy in Y9: useful

Further information

Katy Parkinson