Years/Age range


Type of children

Struggling with phonic blending, reading, writing and spelling

Child/Adult ratio

1:1 or small group

Length of intervention

7 months

Brief description

The scheme uses a highly structured, cumulative, multi-sensory teaching approach. Memory deficits are targeted through an emphasis on visualisation, by linking pictures to phonemes, sounds and mnemonics, and cementing new learning with handwriting tasks and games. Teaching progresses at the child’s pace and the step-by-step process ensures that sounds are learned and processed thoroughly so there are no gaps in their sound knowledge. The scheme includes 22 specially written graded reading story books, tailored to the phonics training. The first book contains only extremely simple high frequency words. The vocabulary of the books focuses on CVC word building and introduces 31 irregular High Frequency Words through mnemonic cards. All the materials are contained in one Spellwise Box.


For reading comprehension in Y1-5: useful

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