The Accelerated Reader

Years/Age range


Type of children

Had not achieved secure level in KS2 English

Length of intervention

22 weeks

Brief description

The Accelerated Reader is a computerised program on which pupils assess their own reading comprehension after reading any one of (in 2014) 156,000 titles on the software manufacturer’s list. Pupils select their own books and work at their own pace. After reading a book they take a multiple-choice comprehension quiz on it – but only once; taking the test again on the same book is not allowed. The computer scores the test, up to the maximum for each book – the maximum depends on the book’s length and difficulty – and provides the teacher with analyses of scores for individual pupils, and indications of areas of weakness. Ideally, there should be about an hour’s reading per day, half individual and half listening to the teacher read.


Modest benefit for comprehension in Y7

Further information

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