The LIT Programme

Years/Age range


Type of children

Low attainment (KS2 results for English below 4c)

Child/Adult ratio


Length of intervention

18 weeks in evaluation; intended for whole year in practice

Brief description

This scheme for boosting literacy at KS3 was developed by the London Borough of Hackney’s Learning Trust. The programme’s unique characteristic is that it is entirely literature-based: all the learning and assessment materials are authentic texts appropriate to the age-range, used with publishers’ and authors’ permission. Initially a reading programme, LIT is now a fully comprehensive English programme that includes reading, writing, spoken English and communication, grammar and vocabulary. Included in the price of the programme is an initial training session delivered at a school by a LIT Programme trainer. Detailed lesson plans, resources and integrated baseline and follow-up assessment are intended to make teaching and learning explicit, and are accompanied by matching pupil resources in the form of pupil booklets. Ongoing email and telephone support is also provided by LIT Programme coordinators free of charge.


For reading accuracy and comprehension in Y7: useful

Further information

Sophie Holdforth,
Elina Lam,