Word Wasp and Hornet

Years/Age range


Type of children

Low attainers

Child/Adult ratio


Length of intervention

30 weeks

Brief description

These are complementary, stand-alone, phonics-based, colour-coded reading and spelling programmes which teach decoding and encoding together. Each is based on a single book, and each text has its own dated and diagnostic marking system. Training is not needed, as each exercise is accompanied by easy to follow, colour-coded instructions.  The Word Wasp (which stands for Word Articulation, Spelling and Pronunciation) covers all key stages, and the Hornet key stages 1 and 2. Hornet also provides a lower and slower start for the Word Wasp, with which it over-laps and integrates. It is for younger students from age 6 upwards, or for those students deemed to have more severe literacy problems.


For reading accuracy in Y1-9: substantial
For spelling in Y7-9: useful

Further information

Nicola Cook